Wednesday, August 02, 2006

DWS !!!

Hi! I know I said that my previous post would be the last for a while but since I'm currently in Kavarna and in fron of a computer I decided that it's not a bad thing to drop a couple of lines. Why I am in front of a computer? Gee, I have to tell you I'm amazed, too! I'm a dedicated refuser to any high-tech stuff during my vacationas and especially when I'm in Kamen Briag, deep water soloing... BUT some woman called me from France, inviteing me to an event happening there and I thought of having a glimpse at it before I accept or refuse. Nevermind...

The wheather and everything here is superb and we're really having fun. We're starting to get serious sunburns but that's OK, I think. :)
DWS is great - no other thing can jump on my nervers like that! I'm really really scared while climbing above that water and those jellyfish! It's a wonderful think to do. I climbed six routes yesterday and only one of them was a bit hard (it was high above the water and I was very afraid to fall from such height).

I appologise for writing in English but I do not have any cyrilliser here and I'd hate to post on my blog in shliokavitza as we call it (Bulgarian in latin letters).

So that's it from me for now! Have fun, take care and I'll post some photos when I come back! See ya! :)


Eneya said...

Прекарай зашеметяващо и незабравимо. И се наснимайте едно хубаво. Целувки и до скоро (поздрави и на Мишката, и на цялата компания дето сте там)
Ще се видим септември (най-вероятно), 1,2 когато ще си празнувам ден-дена... ще ти звънна да се уточним за подробностите ;)