Friday, October 06, 2006

Knock, knock...

Today I suddenly got the strange feeling that there's a bit too much info on me on the Internet. It wasn't something big or scary though - I just got an e-mail from my account, which I had almost forgotten (I use it only to communicate woth Diana and that happens like twice a year...). The message was from a girl called Tzvetanka (?!!) who knoew where I live (appriximately) and was wondering whether it's me or just somebody who looks like me. A bit perplexed with this 'hi' I answered her rather coldly (I am sorry for that...) mostly because I was thinking about all of the above said.
Actually my sister did remember her, and not with a bad feeling. Maybe I would have remebered her, too but a) I'm no good remembering people's names (and she didn'y have a photo on her page) and b) she probably didn't use her full name when we met. And actually c) Stiff's parties (where she said we'd met) that I've been to were a long time ago and I don't remember many people from them.
Anyway it was a strange, grim feeling - like entering a bar in a strange city in a strange country and before you can order the barman says "Double vodka and a coke, right? Or is it a rum night?" and the casual look in his eyes tells you that he's not guessing but just knows what you usually drink!
It's a bit startling how much sume people can know about you without ever even seeing you. Or maybe it's just my old paranoia surfacing again?