Sunday, December 07, 2008

15 years old anarchist killed by cops in the center of Athens

Yesterday night at 21.30 in the center of Athens a young boy murdered by the cops in the center of Athens. The murder was the answer of the police after arguing with the small group of anarchists with a crew of patrol police car. The anarchist didnt have with them any petrol bombs nor carrying stones or other weapons nether.

The boy killed due to some eyewitness , the place is very crowded with a lot of busy bars around , especially the Saturday night. One of the policemen get off the car , shot in the heart and killed in cold blood the 15 years old young boy.

The pig (policeman) left the boy dead on the ground. On various greek radical websites a lot of different people who saw what happened try to share this information. The greek authorities didnt give any announce statement still.

the names of the policemen who killed the boy are Epaminodas Korkoneas 37 years old and vasilis Saraliotis 31 years old

After a night of rage , the day of insurrection is coming.

All around Greece riots and demonstrations are taking place at the moment. Demonstrators attacked against police departures and burned patrol cars , banks.

Demonstrations , riots and solidarity actions are taking place (or took place) at the moment in Athens , Thessaloniki , Chania , Sparta , Mitilini , Alexandroupolis , Ksanthi , Volos and many more

riots as an answer to the state repression and a political mobilization in Greece


* a brief report from Athens

More than 1000 anarchists/autonomous and others started riots the same night around the politechnical university in the center of Athens. That university is a symbol of the greek radical resistance for many years. The police answered by arresting 7 persons . In One of them the police bastards found a carbine.

- At the demontration : more than 12.000 people from different political groups or just simple citizens joined.

- High school Student with an sms chain call tommorow for a demonstration in Athens.

- Riots started from members and funs of AEK / Athens football club around OAKA field

More info here.