Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sitting at my desk with the voice of Nina Persson in my head, sweetly filling the void around flying Pink Floyd quotes and smudgy ideas about immortality and other nightmares. Do you know that feeling when you are as hungry as a dog but you are unable to bear the thought of putting anything in your mouth? Well, this is my mental state in the last couple of weeks. I want to try so many things! I want to test my teeth on a real Android application, I want to learn German, I want to read throught the whole impressive heap of books I have lying on the desk of my mind. And I can't. I know that this is something which needs to wait. I need the sandstorms in my mind to die down before I take on anything new. I need a clear view ahead before rushing into anything. I need a full mental rest. I can already taste it... A bike, a book, a plastic cup of coffee in the Park of Liberty. Sweet, sweet boredom that awaits! Nothing in this world can refresh, envigorate and motivate me half as much as sheer boredom! That feeling is so unbearable that it automatically provokes creativity!

I wave goodbye with the sweet, sweet sound of early Led Zep guitars - Communication Breakdown.