Monday, August 29, 2005

A whirlwind of recent memories

I feel strange - a bit tired but not unhappy about it. These last few days were like a blur. A lot of things happened, a lot of people around me. Jesus, it's hard even to remember it all!

First Diana came back from Switzerland - there are few things I can be more happy about. When I entered her living room, sat down and lit a cigarette it was as if I'd never left! And when I remembered how long ago was the last time I'd done that... Wow... But I guess time is a bit more merciful between real friends - I feel her now just as dear as I felt her back then... Maybe even more because now I know that she's for real.

Then came Plevi's birthday party. We had some fun. :) Dragony in a skirt and a bra is not a picture I'm about to forget in the near future! :) My incomplete and regularly interrupted conversation with Plevi was, as usual, pleasant and interesting though a bit mixed up and bewildering for me. She's quite a funny customer - always surprising me.
I was really glad to see all the RPG mob there. I missed them a lot. The all-so-pleasing presence of Elerina shouldn't be left out of the picture. After all this time she was in Varna seeing her around now makes you feel the world makes sense.

The next morning Nadja left for Germany. This is the first time I'm not at the station to see her off. I just felt I shouldn't be there - it would have been harder for everyone. This way or another I painfully felt each kilometer she left behind her. But that's life - the right decision very often is the hardest.
Her goodbye present was a nice surprise - she'll never cease to amaze me... :)

The evening was devoted to Andrey's arrival - both my dearest friends are now back in Bulgaria - I can't tell you how good it makes me feel. I can't tell whether he's changed or not but seemed more quiet than before. The girl by his side may have had her part in this but he seems a bit grown up. I definately need to talk to him in private one of these days. For hours...

[I stopped writing for an hour and almost forgot what's next...]

The next day? A coffee and a sip with Reni - always a pleasure. After that - a movie at Venski's place - Venski, Andro, Naso, Slav & me - The Highlander. It's not that great a movie... :) Venski said "Good night" and went to bed half an hour before the ending. I went out for a cigarette 10 minutes before the ending, not caring that I would miss "the final battle".

Wow! Not a night of boredom!
It's a bit tiring but I dare not complain! :)

Last night was devoted to pure laziness & wine :) - playing cards with Michaela & family over a bottle of Mavrud (Asenovgrad - reserve). What can I say?

My exams are pending but... I don't feel like studying. Not at all... I doubt it that I'll pass any of them. The thing is... I don't care. For the first time in my life I really, honestly don't care about the cursed exams! Now is the time to have a bit of fun and life. And that's why I'll do anything to get to the seaside again this year, be it just for the weekend! :)

That's all, folks! For now... Have fun! :)