Sunday, September 11, 2005


For the last couple of days I've been enjoying my new machine and now I decided that it ought to be officially announced. :)

We all know how important is the name for any thing that deserves naming, so let's begin with the name of my new jewel:

The machine is proudly named Slith!

Now - tech specs!

CPU   : AMD Athlon64 3000+ s.939
MB     : EPoX EP-9NPAJ
RAM   : MCI 512MB DDR400 Super T
Video : EPoX ATI Radeon X300 128MB, PCI-Express
Case  : Foxconn 3GTS002 with 400W Fotron PSU

my old hardware that went in Slith:

HDD   : Maxtor 60GB ATA100

OSs   : Ubuntu Linux 5.04 & Windows XP SP1

Overall: What can I say? The machine is a killer.