Friday, October 31, 2008

Battery life tips

Няколко интересни съвета как да се грижим за батерията на лаптопа си от ThinkWiki:
  • avoid deep discharges except when resetting fuel gauge or reconditioning a battery; partial dis-/recharges are better for the battery lifetime (note: fuel gauge will slowly get inaccurate over time)

  • remove battery when on AC (due to heat)

  • avoid exposing the battery (or notebook) to excessive heat

  • avoid charging if battery is nearly full, unless you will need its full capacity soon; keep it on the 30%-85% charged range

  • keep notebook off while charging due to heat

  • fully discharge, then fully charge battery when needed to recalibrate fuel gauge; newer battery pack models require this less often, old ones might need it as often as every 30 cycles

  • Storage: never fully charged or discharged, ideally at about 40%

  • Storage: cool and dry, but do not freeze them: 10-15C is recommended

За някои тези неща може и да са нормлани и да няма нужда да се казват, но за мен част от тях бяха нови - особено свързаните с нагряването на батерията или пък с размера на заряда й. Както и да е - I hope it's useful.
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