Saturday, November 08, 2008

Live party blogging

Hi there! We're currently celebrating Mishka's name day. Aftre a wild day of running around, shopping and bla-bla-bla I'm finally having my vodka + cola and happily typing on my ThnkPad (I just love that machine). Here's a little snapshot of what's curently happening around (a good warm-up conversation):

If there's some wilder develoments later I'll probably upload some more photos if I get the nerve of it.

First attempt at live blogging. I hope I'm sober enough through the night to continue the updates. ;)


vlad said...

И както изглежда, само Ива обръща внимание на "обектива". И както изглежда, ти пак не си се изтипосал във кадър. Да се направят корекции следващия път! Хъ-хъ =)

П.П. Хубави сте, обаче! 'сичките