Monday, November 14, 2011

Tinfoil hats on, please.

The European Union is already a fact with the EEA as its extension. It was created based on economic interest but it is quickly becoming obvious that it won't stand if it doesn't provide a deeper political integration, as well. (I am not interested in discussing the problems of the Euro here, this post is about something else.) So, basically, the EU is on the way of becoming a federation.
Meanwhile there are some gossips about the USA, Canada and Mexico drafting a common currency. These rumours are highly unconfirmed but are nonetheless possible. The Trans-Pacific Partnership plan is, though, anything but fictional. And it sounds just like what the EU started as - a community of countries, which eliminate trading taxes, trying to make themselves a bit more competitive than the rest. And a common currency will definitely make them even more competitive, at some point.
We should also have in mind the deep (some would call it "profound") economical interconnection between the USA and China. This means that it's only logical for China to be included as well, at some point. Or at least logical for the USA. And the USA will have a great leverage in the group, I have little doubt about that.
Russia has its own field of influence. It's in a strange place right now, so I have no idea what's going to happen there.
Africa is a mystery, too. Will it find peace and unify? Will it integrate internally in order to become globally competitive at some point? Or will parts of it join this or that global union?

I'm writing all of this with only one thought in mind: are we witnessing the begging of the world globalisation described by Orwell? (I'm not talking about the Big Brother part of his ideas, just the countries.) Are we seeing the first parts of Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia forming? (A quick reminder here.)
If we are, indeed, seeing this mega-countries forming, then... what? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Will it lead to e perpetual war and everything else Orwell describes? Or will it lead to a world without borders, people moving freely everywhere, to an actual global village in the physical world, as well as in the computer world?

Only time will tell, I guess. Food for thought.

OK, tinfoil hats off, please, we all look stupid in those.


albenaba said...

with ACTA also The Big Brother part is very very close, so don't be too optimistic :)

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