Thursday, June 23, 2005

Pre-exam day

Yes. Tomorrow is the exam. The most interesting in the whole year I guess - Technology of Programming. At least Scheme definately got me hooked up! The thing is... new! fresh! A whole new approach to programming. I can't remember the last time I felt such a hunger for knowledge. That eager feeling... It makes you feel alive.
I must be outta my mind... But hey! Tell me something new!

It was a lazy day. A couple of hours of Scheme and Prolog in the morning... Then got an offer I couldn't resist - narghile! :) I hadn't smoked narghile for years! It didn't go too smooth but... it was fun after all. Especially the pictures! (Strictly private, though!)
Later on the last hope for last-day-before-exam-studying faded away and I grabbed my stuff and went to The Wall. The climbing team is definately growing. New faces everyday. Where do they keep popping from!?
We watched the photos Iva brought back from Paris. I definately don't care whether I visit it or not. I don't think I'd like living there either. But should I ever visit it - I'll definately spend at least two hours in a cafe with a nice view at the Seine.

Talking of rivers... The river in the woods nearby my home has become quite strong and full these days. It caresses the eye, the way it has poured itself over the alley beside it and around the bridge. If it's ever to sweep away the bridge I want to be there and see it! (Be careful what you're wishing for, the wise men say...)
And the third river I'd like to see. Saar. I don't know why. If I really manage to go to Germany this is what I'd like to see first!


The Angel of Vengance on my wall is on his watch.
Can you protect me?
My worst enemy is at my gates again. He's always been and will always be. Help me! Protect me... from myself.